Welcome to
Paws Concierge LLC.

The Paws Concierge LLC owns and operates Villa La PAWS Resort & Spa pet care centers in Phoenix, Arizona. In June of 2009, it launched its Villa La PAWS Resort & Spa Franchising Program.

The Paws Concierge LLC. is a company dedicated to raising the standards in the Pet Services Industry by delivering a superior experience for both pet and pet-parent. 

It has a proven business model that has delivered multiple local awards and a loyal following of customers. We have accomplished this by listening to our customers, assembling experts in the pet services industry and the ability to implement BEST Practices efficiently and effectively.

The Paws Concierge delivers its portfolio of support services to the Villa La PAWS Resort & Spa Franchise network and to the Pet Services Industry.

The Paws Concierge plays a very important role in the day-to-day operations of our franchises by allowing the their staff to focus and concentrate on the health and welfare of their four-legged guests and by provide superior services to their two-legged customers.